Acoustic, Noise & Sonar Training

Acoustic, Noise & Sonar Training [Instructor-Led & Virtual Classroom]


ENO offers a complete portfolio of courses covering Radar, Missiles, and Defense, satellite communications, space, defense, sonar & acoustics, signal processing, and specialized engineering / systems engineering. Since 1994 Eno has provided leading-edge public courses and on-site technical training to defense and NASA facilities, as well as DOD and aerospace contractors. The courses provide a clear understanding of the fundamental principles and a working knowledge of current technology and applications. Our courses are derived from 28 years of first-hand technology experience and industry best practices. Our classes are customized to your team’s requirements and taught at your offices, classroom live, Virtual classrooms and online self-paced by world-class instructors with publications, patents, awards/honors, and a passion to share knowledge!

Customize It!

With onsite Training, courses can be scheduled on a date that is convenient for you, and because they can be scheduled at your location, you don’t incur travel costs and students won’t be away from home. Onsite classes can also be tailored to meet your needs. You might shorten a 5-day class into a 3-day class, or combine portions of several related courses into a single course, or have the instructor vary the emphasis of topics depending on your staff’s and site’s requirements.

Acoustic, Noise & Sonar Training

Acoustic, Noise & Sonar Training Courses

Acoustics Fundamentals, Measurements, and Applications Training
Acoustics Fundamentals, Measurements with Air-borne Noise Monitoring Training
Acoustics Fundamentals, Measurements with Underwater Applications Training
Applied Physical Oceanography Modeling and Acoustics Training
AUV and ROV Technology Training
Design, Operation and Data Analysis of Side Scan Sonar Systems Training
Experimental Modal Analysis Training
Hydrographic & Side-Scan Systems Training
Mechanics of Underwater Noise Training
Navy Planning Fundamentals Training
Passive and Active Sonar Training
Ocean Optics: Fundamentals Training
Random Vibration and Shock Measurement & Testing Training
Sonar and Target Motion Training
Sonar Principles & ASW Analysis Training
Sonar Signal Processing Training
Sonar Systems Design Training
Sonar Transducer Design Training
Submarines & Submariners- An Introduction Training
Undersea Warfare- Advanced Training
Underwater Acoustic Modeling & Simulation Training
Underwater Acoustics Training
Underwater Acoustics For Biologists and Conservation Managers Training
Vibration & Noise Control Training

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