Advanced MPLS VPN Solutions Training

Advanced MPLS VPN Solutions Training


Advanced MPLS VPN Solutions Training Course Hands-on

This Advanced MPLS VPN Solutions Training course provides a high-level review of Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) basics followed by a detailed discussion of some of the up-and-coming features of MPLS such as circuit emulation, Multicast applications, scalability enhancements, and OAM features.

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Duration: 4-5 days


Identify major VPN categories and topologies, their applications and technologies that can be used to implement them.
Describe MPLS/VPN terminology and architecture.
Describe the routing and forwarding model of MPLS/VPN.
Configure Virtual routing and forwarding tables.
Configure Multi-Protocol BGP in MPLS/VPN backbone and the PE-CE routing protocols.
Configure Advanced MPLS/VPN features.
Monitor and troubleshoot MPLS/VPN operations.
Describe the specifics of OSPF operation inside a VPN network.
Design and implement MPLS/VPN topologies.
Design and implement MPLS/VPN backbone.
Develop a migration strategy toward MPLS/VPN from existing infrastructures

Course Content:

◾MPLS VPN Technology
◾Configuring MPLS VPN on Cisco IOS Platforms
◾Running OSPF within a Virtual Private Network
◾MPLS VPN Topologies
◾Internet Access from a VPN
◾MPLS VPN Design Guidelines
◾Large-scale MPLS VPN Deployment
◾MPLS VPN Migration Strategies

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Time Frame: 0-3 Months4-12 Months

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