SAP Advanced Web Dynpro for ABAP Training (NET311-v010)

SAP Advanced Web Dynpro for ABAP Training (NET311-v010)


SAP Advanced Web Dynpro for ABAP Training (NET311-v010) course project-based

Course based on software release:

-SAP NetWeaver 7.4

Skilled Gained:

-Define guidelines and standards related to ABAP programming
-Create technical specifications
-Develop/code RICEFW objects - Using ABAP Development Tools

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Duration: 4 days




Customize It:

With onsite Training, courses can be scheduled on a date that is convenient for you, and because they can be scheduled at your location, you don’t incur travel costs and students won’t be away from home. Onsite classes can also be tailored to meet your needs. You might shorten a 5-day class into a 3-day class, or combine portions of several related courses into a single course, or have the instructor vary the emphasis of topics depending on your staff’s and site’s requirements.

Audience / Target Group:

-Developer Consultant

Course Content:

Web Dynpro Basics
-Describing the Web Dynpro Component Architecture
-Creating and Maintaining a Web Dynpro Application

Web Dynpro Programming
-Using Web Dynpro APIs
-Reporting Messages
-Creating External Dialog Boxes
-Creating Modal Dialog Boxes
-Reusing Web Dynpro Components
-Defining static and dynamic usages of components

-Personalizing Web Dynpro Applications
-Performing implicit and explicit adaptation and customizing

Web Dynpro ABAP Enhancements
-Explaining Web Dynpro Enhancements
-Implementing Web Dynpro Enhancements

-Debugging Web Dynpro ABAP Applications
-Using Runtime Analysis
-Maximizing Performance Efficiency

-Minimizing Security Risks in Web Dynpro Applications

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Time Frame: 0-3 Months4-12 Months

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