Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway Training

Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway Training (CNS-221)


Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway Training Course Hands-on

In this Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway Training course you will learn the skills required to configure and manage NetScaler Gateway and Unified Gateway features, including how to implement Gateway components including NetScaler Gateway and Unified Gateway. Designed for students who will be deploying or managing NetScaler Gateway, or Unified Gateway environments.

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Audience/Target Group

Implementers / Engineers

Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway Training (CNS-221)Related Courses:

Duration: 2 days

Class Prerequisites:

Citrix NetScaler Essentials and Traffic Management (CNS-220)

What You Will Learn:

Configure Authentication and Authorization
Define End User Access and Experience
Integrate NetScaler Gateway with XenApp and XenDesktop
Integrate Unified Gateway with additional resources
Employ recommended tools and techniques to troubleshoot common NetScaler Gateway network and connectivity issues

Course Content:

Unified Gateway

Understand the challenges of remote access
Understand the Unified Gateway feature and its role for application delivery
Configure Unified Gateway
Understand the challenges of remote access
Understand the Unified Gateway feature and its role for application delivery

AppExpert Expressions and Policies

Identify policy expression structure and components of AppExpert
Distinguish between classic and default policies
Explain the types of policies available with NetScaler Gateway
Describe policy bind points

Authentication and Authorization

Understand Authentication to establish identity
Understand Authorization to provide access to resources
Customize multi-factor authentication
Deploy Authentication and Authorization policies

Managing Client Connections

Configure NetScaler Gateway plug-in with Citrix Receiver to establish VPN
Configure the access level and which applications users are allowed to access in the secure network
Configure pre-authentication policies and profiles to check for client-side security before end users are authenticated
Deploy NetScaler Gateway to allow end-user connections, including logon options
Explain how endpoint analysis is used to verify that the end-user device meets your requirements before allowing it to connect to your network or remain connected after end users log on

Integrating NetScaler with XenApp and XenDesktop

Understand NetScaler Gateway Integration with XenApp/XenDesktop
Integrate with Web Interface and StoreFront
Explain WebFront
Enable Clientless Access and Receiver for ICA Proxy
Utilize Smart Control
Configure Smart Access

Unified Gateway

Describe AppFlow Functionality
Discuss Components of NetScaler Insight
Configure NetScaler Insight
Explain NetScaler Insight Application Performance
Generate Performance Reports

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