Climate Change Science and Monitoring from Space Training

Climate Change Science and Monitoring from Space Training


Climate Change Science and Monitoring from Space Training Course Description

To provide an introduction to climate change science, the latest findings (2013-2014) from the International Panel on Climate Change, and how satellite remote sensing can be used to monitor both climate variability and climate change

To discuss the key impacts of climate change, with a focus on extreme weather/flooding, agriculture, and satellite remote sensing applications.

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Duration:2 days

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Course Content:

Introduction – Course Goals, Content

Climate System Overview – This lecture provides a history of climate change, with a focus on the last 100 years. Topics included are the earth’s energy balance, the radiation budget, and temperature.

Atmosphere Today – Global atmospheric composition, types of pollutants, and greenhouse gases will be discussed. Horizontal and vertical temperature, and the Hydrology Cycle.

Climate Variability and Change – Natural versus anthropogenic factors will be discussed.

Introduction to Satellite Remote Sensing and Climate System Modeling – Overview of satellites and instruments used to monitor the environment, and how climate modeling works.

Monitoring the Climate with Remote Sensing and In-situ Observations – This is primarily a hands on activity where course attendees will have the opportunity to work with web tools and produce maps for their region of interest for temperature, CO2, and precipitation from NOAA and NASA satellites and in-situ observations.

International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – Latest climate change science and modeling of future climate scenarios. The focus will be the current (2013-2014) IPCC report. Past reports will be discussed briefly.

Climate Change Impact – Overview of how climate change is likely to impact earth systems.

Climate Variability/Change and Weather Extremes – Discussion on how climate change will likely impact weather, with a focus on weather extremes and flooding.

Climate Change and Weather Extremes from the IPCC Scenarios – A discussion of future projections of extreme weather from the most recent IPCC report.

Future Climate Projections – This is a hands-on activity on publicly available data on future climate projections, for selected regions across the globe.

Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Agriculture – A closer look at climate change impacts on agriculture.

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