Cyber Analysis and Security Solutions

Cyber Analysis and Security Solutions

Connecting the Cyber World with the Real World.

Part of the Intelligence-Led Operations Platform, our Cyber solution is a post-incident analytic platform that brings together thousands of real world data sources and millions of data points to link cyber criminal activity with people, places and things. The Cyber analysis platform utilizes powerful post-incident analysis to make real-world connections, correlate links and entities involved in attacks, and expose network vulnerabilities. It can help predict future attacks and shut down and apprehend cyber crime perpetrators. End-User Training. Our Cyber solution accomplishes this by employing:

● Rich extraction, analysis and visualization capabilities that turn large quantities of cyber data into actionable intelligence
● Rapid pattern analysis that quickly identifies characteristics to predict and prevent future incidents
● Sophisticated analytical database for managing and analyzing multi-source data sharing and layering to pool cyber investigative data with other data sources

Cyber is used worldwide by intelligence agencies, governments, military and defense agencies, law enforcement and commercial enterprises to investigate and prevent:

● Distributed denial of service attacks
● Information theft
● Financial crime, fraud and identity theft
● Spear phishing
● Online child exploitation and other forms of computer network exploitation

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