Fundamentals Of Space Missions Training

Fundamentals Of Space Missions Training


Fundamentals Of Space Missions Training Course Description

This three-day Fundamentals Of Space Missions Training provides an overview of the fundamental concepts and technologies of modern space mission systems. Space missions and satellite systems combine science, engineering, and external phenomena. The course will concentrate on scientific and engineering foundations of space missions, spacecraft systems, and interactions among various subsystems.

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Duration:3 days

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Course Content:

The fundamentals of space environment, orbital mechanics, propulsion, and subsystem technologies provide an indispensable basis for system engineering. The introduced basic nomenclature, vocabulary, and concepts will make it possible to converse with understanding with mission planners, designers, operators, and subsystem specialists.
The extensive set of course notes provide a concise reference for understanding, planning, and designing space missions and operating modern spacecraft.
Topics Covered include:

Common space mission and spacecraft bus configurations, requirements, and constraints
Fundamentals of space environment and its effects on space systems
Common orbits and velocity increments and propellant amounts for typical maneuvers
Fundamentals of spacecraft subsystems and their interactions
Elements of space mission system engineering

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