The Internet of Things Training | IoT Training Overview

The Internet of Things Training | IoT Training


The Internet of Things Training | IoT Training Overview Course In Depth

The Internet of Things Training | IoT Training Overview covers What the IoT is about, technology trends, deployments and convergence. Learn how to work with Building Connected Devices.

The Internet of Things Training | IoT Training Overview Course attendees will learn about the dynamics of the IoT markets, technology, trends, planning, design and the convergence of platforms and services, with a special focus on the product design, architecture and implementation.

This is a fundamental IoT course covering the technologies behind the Internet of Things and connected devices.

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Duration: 5 days

Course Content:

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Concepts and Definitions of The Internet of Things (IoT)
History of IoT
IoT standards
Functionalists and structure
IoT enabling technologies
IoT Architecture
Major component of IoT
Hardware, sensors, Systems-on-a-Chip, firmware, device drivers, application software, connectivity, cloud, and security
Role of wired and wireless communication
IoT communication and networking protocols
IoT services and applications
Big data and analytics
Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things
Semantic Web 3.0 Standard for M2M and IoT
IoT Platforms
Challenges of adapting the concepts

Overview of IoT Connectivity Methods and Technologies

Wireless 101
RF 101
ZigBee PRO, ZigBee 3.0 and ZigBee IP
Bluetooth LE or Bluetooth Smart Technology
Home Automation (HA) Profile
Smart Energy (SE) Profile
Health Care
IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.15.4e, 802.11ah
802.11ah, Wi-Fi HaLow
Relay Access Point (AP)
Grouping of stations
Target Wake Time (TWT)
Speed Frame Exchange
GSM, CDMA, GPRS,3G, LTE, small cells, SATCOM
Sensors and sensor networks
Serial communication
Power consumption and optimization
MIPI, M-PHY, UniPro, SPMI, BIF, SuperSpeed USB Inter-Chip (SSIC), Mobile PCIe (M-PCIe) and SPI
Wired connectivity
Real-time systems and embedded software
Big data
Cloud computing and storage
Augmented Reality

Evaluation of IoT

Mobile integration
Data Visualization
Convergence with Social Networks
Value chain and Business models
User centric cloud based services
Analytical Hierarchy Process for technology selection
End-to-end security
Integration with IT systems
Cost/benefit constraints
End-to-end compatibility
Application Architecture
Lifecycle solution management
Real-time response and delay

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