LTE RAN Signaling Training

LTE RAN Signaling Training


LTE RAN Signaling Training Course In Depth

This is the second in our series of courses on LTE aimed at technical audiences. The first one, LTE/SAE: A Technology Overview, is a recommended prerequisite. This LTE RAN Signaling Training course provides detailed information on the signaling layers in the LTE air interfaces including the channel structures and the mapping up to the physical layer.

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Duration: 3 days

Course Content:

LTE/SAE Introduction
How we got here: A brief overview of cellular
3GPP Releases (Release 99 to Release 8)
EPS (E-UTRAN and EPC) logical architecture
EPS interfaces
EPC (Evolved Packet Core) architecture
SAE/LTE interfaces

Radio Interface Principles
Channel models
OFDM: Principles of operation
MIMO systems overview
Radio interface techniques: Uplink/downlink
Channel structure

EPS bearers
Signaling radio bearers
Integrity protection
IP Sec solutions for transport network security

Radio Interface Layers
Radio procedures
NAS security functions
Radio Resource Control (RRC)
RRC security functions
Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP)
Radio Link Control (RLC)
Medium Access Control (MAC)
Packet data flow and multiplexing
Channel structure : Logical channels, transport channels, physical channels
3GPP standards references
Exercises using logfiles and air interface protocol analyzer data
LTE Signaling Cases
Periodic location update
IMSI attach
Mobile originating service
S1 handover signaling flow
X2 handover signaling flow
Inter-pool (SGW) handover
Inter-system handover signaling flows
VoLTE – IMS signaling
CS Fallback signaling flow

Exercises: Protocol analyzer log files

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Time Frame: 0-3 Months4-12 Months

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