Malware Detection and Remediation Services

Malware Detection and Remediation Services

Malware Detection and Remediation Services: Traditional methods of defense are no longer effective for detecting or preventing malware attacks. You need a combination of technologies with advanced behavioral analysis capabilities to identify and block attacks in real time. Just because malware is out there doesn’t mean it has to threaten your business or impact your customers. With the right technologies, policies and employee training in place, you can stay ahead of potential attacks, stopping them before they get to your environment. Should a breach occur, we can help you remove the source, mitigate the impact and put policies in place to reduce the chance of it happening again.

Malware Detection and Remediation Services

You may be asking yourself these questions:

● How do I protect myself from advanced persistent threats?
● What threats already exist in my environment that I may not know about?
● How do I educate my employees about malware, so they can reduce the chance of attack?

Our complete security solutions combine leading technologies with proven service offerings to protect you from today’s latest threats.

● Next-Generation Firewall Implementation
● Patch Management
● Network Behavior Anomaly Detection Technologies
● Strategic Intrusion Prevention & Intrusion Defense Systems
● Integrated Security Management
● Security Awareness Training
● Incident Response
● Breach Discovery

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