PeopleSoft Consulting Services

peoplesoft-consulting-and-training-solutionsPeopleSoft Consulting Services

PeopleSoft Enterprise applications are designed to address today’s most complex business requirements—and ENO Consulting is dedicated to getting the highest level of business benefits for our PeopleSoft Enterprise customers. Demonstrated leadership in architecture and methodology, in addition to deep expertise based on close ties to product development, ensure maximum return on your PeopleSoft Enterprise investment.

Implementation Services

ENO Consulting’s implementation services provide the technical expertise and best practices to help you quickly and effectively implement, migrate and upgrade Oracle technology. From software implementations and upgrades to migrations, Oracle Consulting’s implementation services help reduce risk and accelerate adoption of your solution.

Upgrade Services

ENO Upgrade Services uses best-in-class methodology and standardized tools to simplify the application upgrade process on-premise or in the cloud. With ENO Upgrade Factory capabilities, our experts help you complete the upgrade faster with lower cost and risk.

By keeping your software investments current with the latest release, your organization benefits from the most up-to-date applications and features. It also allows you to leverage new Oracle technologies throughout the organization to keep pace in today’s competitive marketplace.

Migration Services

ENO Consulting leverages the power of ENO’s Migration Factory to accelerate migration and technology upgrades while reducing risk and costs through dedicated experts, standardized methodology, tools, and automation.

With more than 25 years of migration experience, ENO Migration Factory helps you migrate from legacy systems to Oracle technologies with a proven factory approach and best practices.

Tailored Implementation Services

Implementations can require a more customized approach. ENO Consulting delivers tailored implementation services to help you successfully adopt Oracle hardware and software into your unique IT environment.

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