PeopleSoft Time and Labor – North America Training Rel. 9.2

PeopleSoft Time and Labor - North America Training Rel. 9.2


PeopleSoft Time and Labor - North America Training Rel. 9.2 Course with hands-on Exercises

This PeopleSoft Time and Labor - North America Training Rel. 9.2 will show you how to implement the PeopleSoft Time and Labor product encompassing features and functionality up through update image 17, although it is taught on a PeopleSoft 9.2 image 18 environment. Develop a solid foundation of knowledge that allows you to enroll time reporters into Time and Labor, assign them to work schedules, and report and process reported time.

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Duration: 5 days


Introduction to PeopleSoft for HCM Rel 9.2
PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.2
Time and Labor functional background

Customize It:

With onsite Training, courses can be scheduled on a date that is convenient for you, and because they can be scheduled at your location, you don’t incur travel costs and students won’t be away from home. Onsite classes can also be tailored to meet your needs. You might shorten a 5-day class into a 3-day class, or combine portions of several related courses into a single course, or have the instructor vary the emphasis of topics depending on your staff’s and site’s requirements.

Audience / Target Group:

Functional Implementer
Project Manager
Technical Administrator

What You Will Learn:

Set up system tables, prerequisite HCM tables, and Time and Labor tables.
Define workgroups and task groups to group time reporters into useful segments for processing.
Set up processing rules to manage time.
Enroll time reporters into Time and Labor, and assign them to work schedules.
Report time using different tools.
Process reported time using the rules you defined to match your business processes.

Skills Gained:

Create workgroups and taskgroups.
Define template built rules.
Build schedules.
Set up time reporters and groups.
Set up core HR, Benefits and Payroll tables.
Set up Time and Labor tables.
Report and process time.
Describe PeopleSoft Time and Labor.
Run Time Administration.
Establish Time Reporting Codes.
Establish time periods.
Establish plannned overtime.
Use the self service and fluid pages.
Use the Time and Labor WorkCenter and Dashboard.
Set up and use auto enrollment.
Perform labor distribution and dilution

Course Content:

Setting Up PeopleSoft Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits Tables

Indentifying Prerequisite Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll Tables
Defining Prerequisite Tables
Defining Holiday Schedules
Defining Earnings Codes and Programs
Defining Pay Groups and Pay Calendars

Setting Up Basic PeopleSoft Time and Labor Tables

Setting Up Time Zone Offsets
Setting Up the Time and Labor Installation Table
Setting Up Manager Time Calendar View Options
Selecting the Labor Distriution and Labor Dilution Options

Establishing Time Reporting Codes

Describing Time Reporting Codes (TRC)
Defining Time Reporting Code Categories
Establishing Time Reporting Codes
Defining TRC Programs
Defning Compensatory Time Plans

Establishing Time Periods

Describing Time Periods
Establishing Time Periods

Establishing Planned Overtime

Describing Planned Overtime Features
Establishing Planned Overtime

Creating Workgroups

Describing Key Workgroup Concepts
Creating Workgroups

Defining Template Built Rules

Identifying Online Rule Definition Tools
Identifying Steps to Define Rules
Defining Template Built Rules
Defining Rule Programs
Exporting and Importing Rules
Describing Rule Template Creation

Creating Task Groups

Identifying Task Functinlaity Concepts
Creating Task Templates
Creating Task Profiles
Creating Taskgroups
Describing Task Profile Reporting Precedence

Building Schedules

Identifying Scheduling Concepts
Describing Scheduling Integrations
Identifying the Steps to Create a Schedule
Setting Up Schedules
Validating Schedules

Setting Up Time Reporters

Creating Time Reporter Data
Maintaining Time Reporter Data
Assigning Time Reporters to a Schedule
Assigning and Viewing Compensatory Time Off Plans

Setting Up Groups and Security

Describing PeopleSoft Time and Labor Groups and Security
Setting Up Group Creating Security
Setting Up Dynamic Groups
Setting Up Static Groups
Viewing Time Reporters in Groups
Setting Up Group Security

Reporting Time Using Rapid Entry

Describing Time Reporting
Establishing Rapid Time Templates
Performing Rapid Entry

Running the Time Administration Process

Describing the Time Administration Process
Describing Time Reporter and Payable Time Status

Reporting Time Using Self-Service

Identifying Time Reporting
Defining Time Reoprting Templates
Defining User Preferences
Reporting Time Using Timesheets
Reporting Time Using the Web Clock
Identifying Mass Time Reporting
Requesting Overtime
Requesting Absence

Managing Exceptions

Defining Exceptions
Managing Exceptions

Using Manager Self-Service

Setting Up Manager Search Options
Using the Time and Labor Launch Pad
Managing Overtime, Absences, and Schedules
Defining Time Calendar View Options
Viewing Time
Approving Reported and Payable Time
Using the Approval Monitor
Delegating Approval Authority for Time and Labor

Using the Time and Labor WorkCenter and Dashboard

Defining WorkCenters
Configuring the Time and Labor WorkCenter
Using the Time and Labor WorkCenter and Pivot Grids
Defining the Time and Labor Dashboard
Understanding Dashboards
Working with the Time and Labor Dashboard

Using Fluid and Workforce Availability

Setting Up the Time and Labor Mobile Applications
Entering Time Reporting as an Employee
Managing Time Administration as a Manager
Setting Up Workforce Availability
Viewing Workforce Availability for Daily and Weekly Time

Integrating with PeopleSoft Payroll for North America

Integrating with Absence Management
Preparing for a Payrun
Running the Time and Labor Load Process

Setting Up and Using Auto Enrollment

Setting Up Auto Enrollment
Defining Auto Enrollment Groups
Previewing the Enrollment Data

Performing Labor Distribution and Dilution

Identifying Labor Distribution and Dilution
Sending Costs to Time and Labor
Viewing Distributed and Diluted Costs

Auditing and Adjusting Payable Time

Identifying the Stages of Payable Time
Adjusting Paid Time
Viewing Unprocessed Reported Time
Viewing Unprocessed PayableTime
Locking Timesheets

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