SAP Advanced ABAP Training (BC402-v015)

SAP Advanced ABAP Training (BC402-v015)


SAP Advanced ABAP Training (BC402-v015) course public and Onsite classes

Course based on software release:

SAP NetWeaver 7.40 SPS5

Skilled Gained:

-Write more robust ABAP programs
-Assess ABAP programming techniques according to performance aspects and develop high-performance programs
-Develop dynamic ABAP programs

SAP Advanced ABAP Training (BC402-v015)Related Courses:

Duration: 5 days



-BC430 ABAP Dictionary
-Practical programming experience in ABAP (Objects)

Customize It:

With onsite Training, courses can be scheduled on a date that is convenient for you, and because they can be scheduled at your location, you don’t incur travel costs and students won’t be away from home. Onsite classes can also be tailored to meet your needs. You might shorten a 5-day class into a 3-day class, or combine portions of several related courses into a single course, or have the instructor vary the emphasis of topics depending on your staff’s and site’s requirements.

Audience / Target Group:

Developer Consultant

Course Content:

ABAP Basics
-Describing Packages and Program Types
-Describing ABAP Data Types and Data Objects
-Selecting Data from a Single Database Table with Open SQL

Program Calls and Memory Management
-Calling Programs Synchronously
-Describing the ABAP Runtime and Memory Management
-Using Shared Objects

Statements, Functions, and Expressions for Simple Data
-Explaining the Differences Between Statements, Functions, and Expressions
-Using Numeric Data Types in Arithmetic Expressions
-Processing Character Strings and Byte Strings Using Classical Options
-Processing Character Strings and Byte Strings Using Functions and Expressions

Internal Tables
-Using Standard, Sorted, and Hashed Tables
-Using Special Techniques with Internal Tables
-Using Data References and Field Symbols
-Using Inline Declarations and Table Expressions

Dynamic Programming
-Explaining the Dynamic Programming Techniques of ABAP
-Using Dynamic Statements and Dynamic Calls
-Using Generic Data Types
-Describing Data Types, Data Objects, and Objects at Runtime
-Creating Data Types, Data Objects, and Objects at Runtime

-Describing the Technical Background of Database Accesses with Open SQL
-Implementing Complex WHERE Conditions and Special INTO Clauses
-Processing and Aggregating Datasets on the Database
-Selecting Data from Multiple Database Tables
-Explaining Additional Techniques for Reading from Multiple Database Tables
-Accessing Large Objects (LOBs) on the Database
-Using New Open SQL

Analysis and Testing
-Defining and Activating Checkpoints
-Using the ABAP Trace
-Using the SQL Trace

Best Practices for ABAP
-Avoiding Common Errors in ABAP Programming
-Creating Readable and Easy-to-Maintain ABAP Programs
-Optimizing the Runtime of ABAP Applications
-Avoiding Slow Database Accesses

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