SAP BW Data Acquisition Training (BW350-v010)

SAP BW Data Acquisition Training (BW350-v010)


SAP BW Data Acquisition Training (BW350-v010) Course description

Course based on software release:

SAP NetWeaver BW 7.4

Skilled Gained:

-Learn how to extract data from SAP source systems with Service API and how to manage delta data
-Acquire data from other source systems using different interfaces such as: DB Connect, Universal Data Integration, XML, and Data Services

SAP BW Data Acquisition TrainingRelated Courses:

Duration: 5 days


- Sound knowledge of the content that is covered in the BW310 – Data Warehousing course, especially working with the Data Warehousing Workbench

-Knowledge of the Data Dictionary as well as at least one SAP Component.

Customize It:

With onsite Training, courses can be scheduled on a date that is convenient for you, and because they can be scheduled at your location, you don’t incur travel costs and students won’t be away from home. Onsite classes can also be tailored to meet your needs. You might shorten a 5-day class into a 3-day class, or combine portions of several related courses into a single course, or have the instructor vary the emphasis of topics depending on your staff’s and site’s requirements.

Audience / Target Group:

Application Consultant
Business Analyst
Business Process Architect
Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
Enterprise Architect
Program / Project Manager
Technology Consultant

Course Content:

SAP BW Data Acquisition Process
-Explaining Data Acquisition in SAP BW
-Creating SAP BW 3.x Data Flow
-Comparing and Migrating 3.x / 7.x SAP BW Data Flows
-Directly Accessing Source System Data
-Loading Directly Without Persistent Staging Area (PSA)
-Reviewing Details of Real-Time Data Acquisition (RDA)

Data Acquisition with the SAP BW Service API
-Connecting SAP Source Systems to SAP BW
-Displaying the Configuration of SAP BW Service API
-Explaining BI Content
-Examining the Transfer of GL Data
-Examining Generic DataSources
-Enhancing BI Content DataSources
-Configuring Logistics Data Extraction

Delta Data Flow Management
-Describing Delta Management
-Explaining Terms and Basic Processes of Delta Enabled DataSources
-Analyzing Delta Management

Data Acquisition with Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) and SAP Landsape Transformation (SLT)
-Describing Data Acquisition with ODP
-Analyzing Operational Delta Queue (ODQ)
-Replicating Data with SLT
-Acquiring Data in Real Time with SLT

Flat File Data Transfer
-Loading Data from a Flat File
-Loading Hierarchies in SAP BW Using the Hierarchy Framework
-Exporting a hierarchy using OpenHub

Data Acquisition with DB Connect
-Creating a DB Connect DataSource

Data Acquisition with Universal Data (UD) Integration
-Creating UD Connect DataSources

XML-Based Data Acquisition
-Explaining XML-Based Extraction
-Acquiring Data Using an XML-Based Web Service
-Creating HybridProviders

Data Acquisition with SAP Business Objects Data Services
-Integrating SAP Business Objects and SAP BW

Data Mart Interface and Open Hub
-Examining the Data Mart Interface for Data Transfers
-Implementing OpenHub Destinations

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