SAP HANA Introduction Training (S4H01-v004)

SAP HANA Introduction Training (S4H01-v004)


SAP HANA Introduction Training (S4H01-v004) Course Description

Skilled Gained:

This SAP HANA Introduction Training (S4H01-v004) course will prepare you to:

-Understand the Key Concepts of SAP HANA and in-memory computing
-Create a Data Model with SAP HANA Native Modeling Tools
-Provision Data Into SAP HANA
-Consume SAP HANA Information Models and Run Applications on SAP HANA

Course based on software release:


SAP HANA Introduction Training (S4H01-v004)Related Courses:

Duration: 2 days



-Reporting Tools and Analytics
-General business modeling experience
-Basic understanding of business system landscapes

Customize It:

With onsite Training, courses can be scheduled on a date that is convenient for you, and because they can be scheduled at your location, you don’t incur travel costs and students won’t be away from home. Onsite classes can also be tailored to meet your needs. You might shorten a 5-day class into a 3-day class, or combine portions of several related courses into a single course, or have the instructor vary the emphasis of topics depending on your staff’s and site’s requirements.

Audience / Target Group:

Application Consultant
Change Manager
Data Consultant / Manager

Course Content:


-Explore the SAP HANA landscape
-Interfaces for Administrators and Developers
-Learn about the database
-Explain High Availability
-Describe the Main Security Features

Modeling and Data Processing
-Create Information Models
-Discover SAP HANA Live
-Define Spatial Processing, Text Search and Analysis, and Predictive Modeling

Data Provisioning
-Understand the Main Data Provisioning Scenarios
-Load Data Using Flat File Import
-Access Remote Data with Smart Data Access
-Implement Data Replication
-Describe SAP HANA Enterprise Information Management
-Process Event Streams in Real Time

Running Applications on SAP HANA
-Describe the Different Types of Applications
-Connect SAP Business Intelligence Tools to SAP HANA
-Use SAP Business Warehouse with SAP HANA
-Build SAP HANA Applications using XS

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