Security Solutions For Energy & Utilities Industry

Security Solutions For Energy & Utilities Industry



The Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) has determined that oil and gas, electricity, and other energy providers are part of our nation’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources network. DHS placed the Energy industry on the list because a successful attack against energy providers could result in significant disruptions to the country and even loss of life. Given the importance of the energy industry, it is easy to see how cybercriminals, both foreign and domestic, could be highly motivated to penetrate energy providers’ networks for any number of malicious purposes. The DHS, FBI, DoD, and the White House all require energy providers to comply with hundreds of regulations to secure their networks and systems against attack. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in heavy fines and disruption to the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans. In addition, building a secure network that protects your organization against attacks and enables it to achieve compliance is a job requiring tremendous amounts of resources, as well as an in-depth understanding of the latest, best information security technologies and services available. That’s where ENO can help.

ENO Security Solutions

ENO’s trusted-partner style of engagement provides many of the nation’s largest energy providers with effective information security solutions, consulting, and managed services that harden their networks and systems against the most sophisticated attack methods used. Our deep understanding of how to align security solutions with the intricacies of government regulations ensures that when you partner with us, your organization will be protected against attacks and maintain compliance. Our consultants become an extension of our customers’ teams, quickly implementing solutions that support their information security compliance objectives.

Suggested Services Include:

● Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
● Products and Solutions Training
● Security Awareness Training
● Digital Forensics
● Managed SSL VPN Service
● Technology Evaluation and Selection
● Product Design and Implementation
● Business Partner Security Assessment
● Security Program Review, Gap Analysis and Plan
● Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery
● Vulnerability and Threat Management Planning
● Risk Assessment
● Application Security Assessment & Penetration Testing
● PCI Onsite Audit
● PCI Guidance and Planning
● PCI ASV Scanning Services
● PCI Remediation
● PCI Council Payment Application Assessment (PA-DSS)
● ISO 27002 Gap Analysis
● Incident Response Lockdown
● Incident Response Program Development
● Incident Response Simulation
● Litigation Support and eDiscovery
● PCI Regulatory Compliance Guidance and Planning
● Wireless Security Assessment
● Social Engineering Security Review
● Physical Security Review
● Security Policy Review, Gap Analysis and Development

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