Space Environment – Implications for Spacecraft Design Training

Space Environment - Implications for Spacecraft Design Training


Space Environment – Implications for Spacecraft Design Training Course Description

Adverse interactions between the space environment and an orbiting spacecraft may lead to a degradation of spacecraft subsystem performance and possibly even loss of the spacecraft itself. This two-day Space Environment – Implications for Spacecraft Design Training presents an introduction to the space environment and its effect on spacecraft. Emphasis is placed on problem solving techniques and design guidelines that will provide the student with an understanding of how space environment effects may be minimized through proactive spacecraft design.

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Duration:2 days

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Course Content:

Introduction. Spacecraft Subsystem Design, Orbital Mechanics, The Solar-Planetary Relationship, Space Weather.

The Vacuum Environment. Basic Description – Pressure vs. Altitude, Solar UV Radiation.

Vacuum Environment Effects. Pressure Differentials. Solar UV Degradation, Molecular Contamination, Particulate Contamination.

The Neutral Environment. Basic Atmospheric Physics, Elementary Kinetic Theory, Hydrostatic Equilibrium, Neutral Atmospheric Models.

Neutral Environment Effects. Aerodynamic Drag, Sputtering, Atomic Oxygen Attack, Spacecraft Glow.

The Plasma Environment. Basic Plasma Physics – Single Particle Motion, Debye Shielding, Plasma Oscillations.

Plasma Environment Effects. Spacecraft Charging, Arc Discharging, Effects on Instrumentation.

The Radiation Environment. Basic Radiation Physics, Stopping Charged Particles, Stopping Energetic Photons, Stopping Neutrons.

Radiation in Space. Trapped Radiation Belts, Solar Proton Events, Galactic Cosmic Rays, Hostile Environments.

Radiation Environment Effects. Total Dose Effects – Solar Cell Degradation, Electronics Degradation; Single Event Effects – Upset, Latchup, Burnout; Dose Rate Effects.

The Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris Environment. Hypervelocity Impact Physics, Micrometeoroids, Orbital Debris.

Additional Topics. Environmental Space Station; Models and Tools; Available Internet Resources.

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