Spacecraft Systems & Missions: Payloads & Spacecraft Training

Spacecraft Systems & Missions: Payloads & Spacecraft Training


Spacecraft Systems & Missions: Payloads & Spacecraft Training Course Description

This 4-day course is for technical and management people who want to remain up to date on spacecraft design for both the conventional missions and the small-sat applications to communications, remote sensing, and science. The design constraints imposed by the launch and on orbit environments are covered. Spacecraft platform design principles and trade offs are explained with illustrative examples: structure,
power, thermal, data communications, and TT&C. Big-system and small-sat payload applications and
design are covered. Design issues such as weight, cost, and reliability are covered with “how-to” examples. Current trends in design choices, qualification and testing are discussed. Extensive use of real examples permit easy understanding of the systems selection criteria, relationships and interfaces which are all part of the design process.All important subsystems will be addressed and their key relationships and interface requirements discussed.Examples will begin with the general requirements and proceed with complete weight and power specifications. This material is recommended for professionals interested in current space system developments for commercial and scientific applications while acquiring a broader background in the design, development, and use of spacecraft. The instructors use demonstrations, simulations, and real examples to illustrate important points.

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Duration:4 days

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