Submarines & Submariners- An Introduction Training

Submarines & Submariners- An Introduction Training


Submarines & Submariners- An Introduction Training Course Description

This three-day Submarines & Submariners- An Introduction Training is designed for engineers in the field of submarine R&D and Operational Test and Evaluation. It is an introductory course presenting the fundamental philosophy of submarine design, submerged operation and combat system employment as they are managed by a battle-tested submarine organization that all-in-all make a US submarine a very cost-effective warship at sea—and under it.

Today’s US submarine tasking is discussed in consonance with the strategy and policy of the US, and the goals, objectives, mission, functions, tasks, responsibilities, and roles of the US Navy as they are so funded. Submarine warfare is analyzed referencing some calculations for a Benefits-to-Cost analysis, in that, Submarines Sink Ships!

From this course you will gain a better understanding of submarine warships being stealth-oriented, cost-effective combat systems at sea. Those who have worked with specific submarine sub-systems will find that this course will clarify the rationale and essence of their interface with one another. Attendees will receive copies of the presentation along with some relevant white papers.

Submarines & Submariners- An Introduction TrainingRelated Courses:

Duration:3 days

Skills Gained:

Differences of submarine types (SSN/SSBN/ SSGN)
Submarine onboard organization and day to day operations
Basic Fundamentals of submarine systems and sensors
Submarine Mission profiles
Basics of Submarine Warfare tactical and operational control
How submarines support national military objectives
Makeup and function of the Submarine Support Enterprise
How the sea impacts submarine operations
Submarine Maintenance Cycles – Supporting the Tip of the Spear

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Course Content:

Warfare from Beneath the Sea:

US Submarines – From a glass-barrel in circa 300 BC, to SSN 774
Review of the Order of Battle for Submarines of the World

Submarine Warfare Basics:

Employment of Submarines past, current and future
US/UK/USSR Cold War Submarine Operations

Current Day Submarine Tasking:

What US nuclear-powered submarines are tasked to do.
What the tasking of US submarines is based on

Submarine Organization (Onboard and Force Wide):

Makeup of today’s submarine crew
What does it mean to be “Qualified in Submarines”
What does the shore based support for the “Submarine Enterprise” do

Fundamentals of Submarine Design, Construction and Modernization:

Makeup of today’s submarine force
Submarine Form, Fit, & Function.
Basic submarine operational characteristics

Maintenance Cycles for Submarines:

Submarines Maintenance cycles – past, current and future

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